About Toronto’s Goldman Architect

Principal | Barry Goldman, OAA, B. Arch.

Barry was surrounded by art and architecture growing up in North Toronto. His father practiced architecture in the GTA for more than 50 years, and his mother is a painter and sculptor. After accepting a scholarship to study sculpture at York University, Barry was invited to join Carlton University’s Architecture program. Barry completed his training at Page + Steele Architects, and before he left to start his own firm, was directly responsible for 150 million dollars worth of construction.

Before focusing exclusively on the practice of architecture, Barry operated his own contracting company. This practical experience gives him insight into the expertise and concerns of the building professionals that are integral to the architectural process. He established Goldman Architect in 2001.

The most exciting aspect of a project for Barry is the opportunity to meld the disparate and often conflicting requirements from the client, the city and other stakeholders into an elegant solution that no one could have proposed singly.   Barry always searches for the synergy of the project.   He always aims to discover how a project can create the greatest possible improvement to the clients’ lives and the greater social fabric with the available resources.

Associate | Carol Nguyen, B.Arch.Sci, M.Arch.

Carol has a Master’s degree in Architecture from Ryerson University, where she also received a Bachelor of Architectural Science with a specialization in Project Management. Her master’s thesis focused on creating socially inclusive housing that works to accommodate Toronto’s diverse population without compromising the needs of the individual in the pursuit of a more user-focused city. User-focused design has become a central theme throughout her professional and personal life.

Carol’s favourite way to experience architecture is by observing the physical environment through travel. Her travels have taken her to many great cities, significant sites, and remarkable buildings, and she plans to visit many more throughout her lifetime. These experiences have enlightened her to the different physical, social, and architectural contexts that she hopes to apply in her home city of Toronto.

Associate | Matthew Sauder

Matthew recently completed his third year of the Bachelor of Architectural Science program at Ryerson University. While working as a research assistant with Ryerson professors on the renewal of a Frank Lloyd Wright building in Banff, Alberta, Matthew discovered his passion for homes and smaller buildings through his exploration of Wright’s geometries and techniques. He has always enjoyed learning about how things are made and the details behind combining art with practicality.

Matthew likes to explore the ways good design can impact one’s life. He believes a benefit of designing residential architecture is meeting the people he is designing for and making personalized decisions that will change their everyday lives. In this way, Matthew aims to design spaces that mesh with each client’s lifestyle.