About Toronto’s Goldman Architect

Principal | Barry Goldman, OAA, B. Arch.

Barry was surrounded by art and architecture growing up in North Toronto. His father practiced architecture in the GTA for more than 50 years, and his mother is a painter and sculptor. After accepting a scholarship to study sculpture at York University, Barry was invited to join Carlton University’s Architecture program. Barry completed his training at Page + Steele Architects, and before he left to start his own firm, was directly responsible for 150 million dollars worth of construction.

Before focusing exclusively on the practice of architecture, Barry operated his own contracting company. This practical experience gives him insight into the expertise and concerns of the building professionals that are integral to the architectural process. He established Goldman Architect in 2001.

The most exciting aspect of a project for Barry is the opportunity to meld the disparate and often conflicting requirements from the client, the city and other stakeholders into an elegant solution that no one could have proposed singly.   Barry always searches for the synergy of the project.   He always aims to discover how a project can create the greatest possible improvement to the clients’ lives and the greater social fabric with the available resources.

Associate | Gregor Tratnik

gregorGregor recently completed his third year of the Bachelor of Architectural Science program at Ryerson University. Born and raised in the GTA, Gregor’s whole life has revolved around art, architecture and construction. From a very young age, Gregor began working with his father as a mason. He has spent many years working on residential, institutional, commercial and industrial construction sites, where he learned first-hand about the construction process.

Gregor discovered the importance of art and design early in life. It was never enough for him to simply build something–Gregor wanted to be the creative force behind it. Residential design excites Gregor the most—he is both challenged and rewarded by getting to know what clients want for their homes and realizing their visions in his designs. Gregor’s goal when designing is to create honest architecture that is both practical and delightful.

Associate | Ben Wood, M. Arch.


Ben Wood has a Bachelor and Masters of Architecture from the University of Queensland, Australia. After graduating, he became a researcher, instructor and guest lecturer at the university, teaching architecture across the undergraduate and graduate programs as well as working on several key heritage and preservation projects around Australia. Ben also brings with him an international perspective on architecture, having worked and studied in Japan, Sweden, and England, as well as his native Australia.

Ben first experienced his love for architecture ‘helping’ build his family home as a child. This experience and the years of living in the home afterwards help shape his views about the intrinsic value of good architecture. He believes that architecture should respond to people’s lives, being molded to suit people’s lifestyle and needs, while also engaging with the world around them, reacting to natural environment and the fabric of the city. He endeavors to use these differing aspects to work with clients, pushing boundaries to create spaces that exceed expectation and improve how people live.

Associate | Joanne Gust, M. Arch.

joanneJoanne has a Bachelor and a Masters of Architectural Science from Ryerson University, where she won the graduate award for high academic performance. She continues to learn about architecture in an academic setting as a guest critic for Ryerson, where she provides feedback for architecture students at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

The belief that architecture should reflect the aspects that define and influence people’s lives is central to Joanne’s approach to design. She strives to create designs that provide people with opportunities to interact socially. She enjoys working directly with clients to understand how their design needs can be met through architecture that caters specifically to them.

Travelling and learning from architecture and design examples around the world is important to Joanne. To further this goal, she applied for and received Ryerson’s 2015 Masters of Architecture Travel Grant to study social spaces in Copenhagen. Joanne has endeavoured to bring the design concepts she learned in Copenhagen back to Toronto to enhance her understanding of her clients’ needs.