Intern Architect, B.Arch.Sc, M.Arch


Michael earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architecture from Toronto Metropolitan University, formerly Ryerson University. He successfully defended his thesis in May 2021, focusing his research on how to involve the client more meaningfully in the design and construction process. This research culminated in a design-build project that allowed the client to design and construct their own dwelling using a prefab wood construction system. His thesis won the 2020 Catherine Lalonde Memorial Scholarship from the Canadian Wood Council, the Ontario Association of Architects Guild Medal, and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Honour Role.

Michael’s earliest memories of building decks, bunkies and treehouses alongside his brothers and carpenter father inspired him to pursue a career in architecture. Michael has a particular interest in residential design and construction, as it offers the opportunity to work alongside the future user and tailor the architecture to suit their needs.

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