Award-winning Historic Cabbagetown Restoration

Peggy Kurtin Award Program


History: Built by Frank Armstrong in 1889, one of two homes with matching towers at the entrance to Laurier Avenue – the “Gates of Laurier”. The home had been converted to two two-storey units.

Reason for the Award: The restoration of the main elements of the exterior was extensive and authentic. The building was gutted to the structural framing and re-constructed inside and out. Significant deterioration of brick and rotting of wooden elements were addressed, including extensive reconstruction of the brick exterior. Over 1000 damaged bricks were replaced with matching salvaged bricks. Failing lintels and rotted wooden sills were replaced along with all-new wood windows. Disintegrating front door and window arches were rebuilt and two stained glass transom windows were restored.

Cabbagetown Preservation Association

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