Intern Architect, B.Arch.Sc, M.Arch


Gregor began working at BGA during his co-op term in undergrad, graduating with both a Bachelor of Architectural Science and Master of Architecture from Toronto Metropolitan University, formerly Ryerson University, and is now registered as an Intern Architect with the OAA. Gregor grew up practicing art and working in construction, where art served as an avenue of exploration and expression, and construction provided the means to manifest it. He worked in a variety of contexts, including residential, commercial, and industrial sites as an apprentice mason and labourer, laying block, brick, and stone, building foundations, masonry walls, fireplaces, and chimneys. This work passed knowledge of craft and building from one generation to the next, where time spent working with his father put the construction process in front of him and in his hands.

This relationship was the core investigation of his thesis; the translation of craft and building knowledge from drawing to the built form. With a particular fascination for brick masonry construction, its history and significance in the city of Toronto, Gregor’s investigation was conducted through a study of Toronto’s fire stations. Today, this forms the basis of his architectural philosophy, bringing the process and histories of construction into the studio and design process allowing local building cultures to permeate his work. 

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